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All our fabric is 100% cotton 42 - 45 inches wide, unless noted.

Minimum cut is 1/2 yard

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Clouds - Sky

Secret Pond Koi - antique

Soaring Cranes

Soaring - Fans

Soaring - Blossoms-blk

Soaring - Blossoms - Indigo

Japanese Images - blk

Japanese Images - indigo

Secret Pond Blossoms - antique

Cherries on Black

Strawberries- blue

Strawberries - yellow

Words to Live By - Panel

Words to Live By - Ivory

Words to Live By - Brown

Words to Live By - medallion

Words to Live By - Dots Brown

Words to Live By - Dots Pink

Tropical Blossom

Classic Cars Route 66

Vintage Postcards


Le Petit Bistro Hot Pad Panel

Le Petit Bistro Placemat Panel

Le Petit Bistro Tossed Cups Cream

Le Petit Bistro Tossed Cups Black

Love & Hope - Precious

Love & Hope - Butterflies

Love & Hope - Words

Love & Hope - Pink Ribbon

Large Fresco Floral

Dark Rose Scroll

Sage Tonal Swirls

State Birds

Blooming Hearts - pink

Blooming Hearts - cream

Nature's Song - stripe

Paisley Peacock Royal

Paisley Peacock

Magical Fairies - stripe

Old Town Panel

Old Town Shops -stripe

Orleans - vintage

Spring in Paris Floral - aqua

Spring in Paris Floral - black

Wine Country Panel

Bouquet Moderne

Rare & Lovely Stripe

Rare & Lovely Floral

Country Vineyard Craft Panel

Country Vineyard Sampler

Country Vineyard Labels - Brown

Country Vineyard Labels - Green

My Hometown Stripe

My Hometown Houses

All Around The Town: Panel

Hope's Promise Floral Stripe

Butterfly Fantasy - magenta

Hana Bashi Geisha

Hana Bashi Chrysanthemum

Hana Bashi Swirls

Hana Bashi- Red

Hana Bashi- Floral Cream

Hana Bashi- Floral Indigo

Paper Doll Cuties - crm

Paper Doll Cuties - vintage grn

Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel

Paper Dolls Schoolhouse

Victorian Dolls - panel

Victorian Dolls - crm

Victorian Dolls - black

Aunt Lindy's Stripe - green

Aunt Lindy's Stripe - pink

Sailing Images

California Landmarks

Today's Paper Dolls Panel

Paper Doll Clothes

Hide & Seek - Stripe

Hide & Seek - scenery

Hide & Seek - vines

Outer Space 3D

Feathered Friends -panel red

Feathered Friends -panel pink

Feathered Friends -Blue Jays

Pattern Play - Spring

Dots - Aqua

Keikos Garden Wisteria

Sand in My Shoes - PN025-174

Sand in My Shoes - Starfish

Sand in My Shoes - Seaside

Sand in My Shoes - Hollyhock variegation

Sand in My Shoes - Grass

Soaring Cranes - black

Soaring Cranes - purple

Imperial 8 Hyacinth - packed

Oriental Traditions 10 - Crimson

Geisha Scenes - Black

Geisha Scenes - Crimson

La Scala 2

La Scala 4 - Vintage

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4970B

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4970L

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4972G

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4971B

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4974Y

Wilhelmeana's Garden -4974L

Colorific Circles - spring

Batik Dots 222 Black

Batik Dots 222 Oreo

Batik Dots 222 Havana

Batik Dots 222 Neapolitan

Batik Dots 222 Brown

Nara Gardens Graduated - Teal

Nara Gardens - Onyx

Nara Gardens - Topaz

Nara Gardens Graduated - Topaz

Kyoto Gardens - Celadon

Cloisonne Butterflies - Purple

Cloisonne Butterflies - Black

Maui Bliss - red

Spring Hill - Summer

Spring Hill Swirls - vintage

Traveling Route 66 - blk

Market Fresh Apples - Multi

Traveling Route 66 - navy SOLD OUT

Route 66 - charcoal

Market Fresh Apples - Green



Nobu Fujiyama - Flowers

Nobu Fujiyama - Geishas

Nobu Fujiyama - Geishas

Nobu Fujiyama Butterflies

Nobu Fujiyama - Butterflies

Nobu Fujiyama - Swirls

Nobu Fujiyama - Flowers

Nobu Fujiyama - Geisha

Nobu Fujiyama - Geisha

Nobu Cream Peonies

Nobu Instruments-purp

Batik Style F2010 Earth

Batik Style G2178 Lilac

Batik Style G2227 Rosemary

Batik Style G2190 Wisteria

Batik Style G2232 Montego

Batik Style G2215 Hydrangea

Batik Style G2242 Rust

Batik Style 851-Rust

Batik Style F2010 Jewel

Batik Style H2312-24

Batik Style E237-24

Batik Style F2034 Lavender

Batik Style F2034-Slate

Batik Style F2075-33

Batik Style F2044-Onyx

Batik Style G1010-Jewel

Batik Style H2310-314

Batik Style G2227- Grasshopper

Batik Style G2195-Waterfall

Batik Style G1011-Berry

Batik Style G2201-Plum

Batik Style G2226-Silver

Batik Style H2257-Autumn

Batik Style H2262-Orchid

Batik Style L2568-Spinach

Batik Style H2262-Teal

Batik Style H2270-Turquoise

Batik Style H2277-Leaf

Batik Style H2277-Aspen

Batik Style H2303-Hunter

Batik Style H2310-Shrimp

Batik Style H2310-Punch

Batik Style H2311-Aquamarine

Batik Style F2040-Punch

Batik Style BPN-002-394 Merlot

Batik Style J2392-A4

Best Bandana -blk-blue

Best Bandana -blk-red

Best Bandana - Pink

Best Bandana - Blue

Bandana - Denim Blue


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